360° Convergence

Key stats
of the industry
in 2013

In 2014, 52%

of businesses' communication channels
will be web-based

Your objectives

Optimize your marketing strategy reaching your targets through multiple supports:

  • Communicate and interact with your clients and prospects anytime, anywhere
  • Optimize your visibility on those channels which are now unavoidable and used hand in hand (web, social networks, mobile/tablet, point of sales)
  • Implement a 360° marketing strategy, exploiting each of those channels specificities

Our offer

For over 10 years, WMS has offered advertisers its expertise in digital communication mediums (internet, social networks, mobile & tablet) and point of sales, shall it be in fields such as strategic consulting, graphic design, development or performance monitoring.

Within a context of multiplication of supports and message formats, WMS keeps itself at the edge of progress made by each channel (immediacy, geolocalization, sharing, etc.), state of the art technologies and development methods.

Thus, WMS offers advertisers its expertise and experience, from selecting relevant channels with specific objectives and targets, to the operational implementation (design/development/follow up) of their digital marketing strategy, both for mobile and social networks. WMS mission is to guarantee the convergence and mutual integration of different supports, so as to broadcast a relevant message to reach a specific target and implement an efficient marketing strategy.