Mobile Expertise

Key stats
of the industry
in 2013


of US cell owners
use mobile internet


Average time
usage per day


Americans own
a smartphone


sold in 2012

Your objectives

Reach your targets anytime, anywhere:

  • Lead a strongly branded communication plan on mainstream mediums which combine innovation, performance, and customer proximity
  • Capitalize on opportunities specific to these networks (mobility, virality, geolocalization, etc.) so as to lead impacting marketing operations
  • Outshine from competition thanks to an original operation

Our offer

For over 10 years, WMS has been offering the latest innovations on interactive communication channels, among others are mobile and tablet, may it be in strategic consulting, graphic design, development, or performance monitoring.
Our offer continuously evolves, as fast as innovations linked to mobile and tablet, so as to address advertisers problematic in the most efficient way.

WMS offers advertisers to design and develop promotional material and/or operations on mobile devices from briefing to conclusion, but can also provide more specific support.

Depending on your targets and constraints, WMS can offer a multi-environment development: iOS, Android, Windows, and HTML5.

Execute your mobile/tablet application or website, as well as its content:

Application and mobile website development:

  • Your objectives : Capitalize on the success met by social networks to design or optimize your presence on mobile or tablet: window shop, mobile commerce, information portal, event website, etc.

  • Our solutions : We provide guidance for your mobile strategy and the development of applications and mobile sites adapted to mobile and/or tablets, from conception to kick-off

  • Our expertise : One-to-one support from initial briefing to the operation success.
    Audit of existing assets, recommendations (business plan, benchmark, survey, project management),
    suggestions as for the editorial content, graphic and technical conception and realization (concept, user-friendliness, graphics, storyboard), webmarketing.

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Increase your audience and your visibility

Mobile traffic acquisition

  • Your objectives : Promote your mobile/tablet application or your website to a targeted audience or through your ranking optimization in ‘stores’ (Apple Store, Google Play, etc.), so as to foster audience in the long term and develop sales.

  • Our solutions : We help with elaborating your communication plan, seeking partners, implementing the operational phase of your campaign, while ensuring a precise tracking and a perfect match with pre-determined objectives (visibility, leads, etc.)

  • Our expertise : Elaboration and implementation of an outstanding communication plan thanks to relevant partnerships to guarantee a total coherence between objectives, targets and selected supports: mobile display or performance campaign, emailing or SMS campaign, broadcasting on blogs, visibility partnerships. Possibility to manage and execute your media kits.

Marketing games operations

  • Your objectives : Acquire new optin contacts, build loyalty, manage, qualify, and launch new products or services.

  • Our solutions : Game mechanisms which perfectly suit your objectives and target while complying with the environment technical constraints (iOS, Android, Windows): forms, flash, sweepstakes, contests, augmented reality, etc. Such games can be part of a one-shot operation, as they can be recurring and/or customizable.

  • Our expertise : Strategy consulting, graphic and technical design and development, prizes selection, rules management, media plan conception, performance and objectives monitoring.

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Build loyalty

Application and mobile website development

  • Your objectives : Build loyalty among mobile and tablet internet users , increasing the number of visits as well as keeping your application updated.

  • Our solutions : We can offer to implement push notifications for your users, for any environment (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) so as to maximize ROI.

  • Our expertise : Definition of a strategy linked to push notifications (frequency, push elaboration, targeting), operational implementation of messages, frequent reporting and operation optimization.

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