Organizational consulting

Follow-up and control Human Resources Productivity ROI Expertise Audit Recruiting Performance Optimization Skills

Your objectives

Enhance your organization and your marketing processes:

  • Build up an efficient team with highly specialized expertise realms
  • Enhance your team productivity to face growing needs
  • Launch and promote your products and services
  • Reduce your daily expenditures optimizing resources allocation

Our offer

WMS provides assistance to optimize human resources management so as to maximize your organizational abilities, improve your performance and leverage ROI.

Our mode of operation relies on a thorough audit by service, department, or team. This enables us to draw conclusions and recommendations, so as to align the organization with your business vision and your most ambitious projects.

Team Optimization:

  • Analysis of the organization, roles and responsibilities, competences and expertise realms for existing teams (in marketing, communication, web, mobile, social networks, CRM, SEA, etc.)
  • Improvements suggestions (organization, processes, objectives, performance monitoring, recruiting, etc.)
  • Assistance with their implementation (change management and acceptance of the new organization, etc.)

Support, training and follow-up:

  • Training sessions for each team member, according to his/her core competences (marketing, webmarketing, ecommunication, project manager, web project manager, etc.)
  • Assistance with team management, motivation and engagement.

And even more

Thematic missions covering a specific marketing issue (digital-offline convergence, mobile, CRM, social networks, etc.) or a targeted function (purchasing act, performance monitoring, etc.)

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