Project Management

Follow-up and control Objectives Realizations Expertise Project Performance Implementation Service providers

Your objectives

Guaranteed success for the operational implementation of your project:

  • Efficient marketing operations
  • A strategic plan devised early ahead for a few selected mediums
  • Reach pre-determined objectives, meet with deadlines and budgets

Our offer

WMS provides advertisers with an operational expertise in different fields: marketing, graphic design, technical development etc., so as to offer customized and efficient solutions in line with a given problematic.

Our mission consists in helping you manage your project, taking into consideration your objectives and your organizational structure.

Implementation and Follow-up

  • Deliverables follow up: marketing, graphic design and technical development
  • Providers follow up (if outsourced competences)
  • Relevant performance indicators, analysis and optimization recommendations

Competences Outsourcing:

  • Identification of competences or departments to be outsourced when your organization can not or should not keep them in
  • Support in selecting business partners expert in their own field
  • Follow up of the outsourcing process to ensure a high efficiency and a low risk

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