Strategic consulting

Transform Opportunities Audit Benchmark Recommendations Acquire new clients Action Plan Project Management

Your objectives

Implement a successful strategy so as to:

  • Acquire leads and convert them into qualified clients
  • Build loyalty among your existing clients
  • Increase your traffic

Our offer

At the crossroads of Marketing and new technologies, WMS assists you in the definition and the implementation of your growth strategy, on a short, medium and long term.

Our recommendations rely on a thorough audit of existing assets as well as a market study, a performance diagnosis and the devise of marketing objectives. This enables us to build a tailored action plan, offering a strong impact while respecting a pre-determined budget.

Audit and performance diagnosis

  • Thorough audit of existing assets and post mortem of past operations
  • Opportunities and threats analysis
  • Competitors analysis (benchmark, trends, etc.)
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Devise of your marketing (or digital marketing) action plan:

  • Assistance with the definition of your objectives and strategic priorities (per target, channel, etc.)
  • Determination of resources to be allocated or recruited
  • Elaboration of a strategic course of action and associated budget

And even more

Implementation or outsourcing of your marketing operations, guidance for Requests for Proposals and project management, kick-off action plan, etc.

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